Xavier’s X-Men: On the Fallacy of Aspie Supremacy

Image(Photo from Google images)

There is a curious notion that has taken hold in the past few years, born of frustration and anger at the discrimination and misunderstanding autistics have been met with for decades.  It is the idea that autistics are somehow superior to normal humans, that we are the next stage in evolution.

There are those who believe that aspie logic, blatant honesty, ability to hyper-focus, sensory sensitivity, and the occasional savantism we are given are, if you will, “super powers” similar to those held by Stan Lee’s comic book heroes, the X-Men.  The X-Men analogy is in fact quite appropriate, given how it parallels the current situation.  Professor Charles Xavier and his X-Men are mutants, humans with super powers that make them different, and feared by normal “homo sapiens”.  This fear has led humans to discriminate against and oppress mutants, treating them as lesser people.  In response some of the mutants, such as Magneto and his “brotherhood of evil mutants”, have banded together in an effort to overthrow humanity and regain control of the world for mutant kind, to be ruled by these “homo superior”.

Being the good guys of course, Professor X and his X-Men cannot stand by and let such attacks occur, in spite of the oppression they are still experiencing at the hands of humans.  It is Xavier’s dream that one day humans and mutants can live together as equals, without fear or hatred.

My point of course is not that autistics are super-human, or that we all have super powers.  The point is that I want those who believe in autistic supremacy to understand that the things that make us different from NTs do not inherently make us better than them.  At the same time, I say to the NTs who contribute to our 90% unemployment rate because they see us as odd or mentally disabled, to the parents in the news who murder their autistic children, to the rehabilitative schools who try to correct our autistic behaviour through abuse and electric shock treatment, you are not better than us either.  We are not mutants to be feared, degraded, abused, or misunderstood.  We are human beings, just like you are.  We all deserve to live in a world where NTs and autistics can live together as equals, without fear on either side.  I want to see Xavier’s dream come true.


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